Become Pregnant

I came across a phrase that I have not considered in quite a while. The phrase was “Become pregnant.” – When we hear this word in the natural, we think of women, for the most part anyway, planning a pregnancy.

While there are natural pregnancies, the Lord can bless us with a spiritual pregnancy.

What? Become pregnant spiritually? Yes! As believers, we can become pregnant in the spirit.

When a couple becomes intimate, pregnancy occurs. For us to become pregnant in the spirit, we must have an intimate relationship with Jesus.

So how does one become pregnant in the spirit? To obtain a spiritual pregnancy is no different that becoming pregnant in the natural. It requires intimacy.

What is your desire? What spiritual gift do you long for? What ministry do you desire to function in? What goal do you have, what revelation do you need? All of your desires can be achieved with intimacy. Once that relationship with the Lord has occurred, then conception naturally follows.

After conception takes place, you may notice some morning sickness and things beginning to change around you. It is here that you protect that seed growing inside your spirit.

In the last months of your spiritual pregnancy, you may wonder why the gift you have prayed for is not yet manifest. This is the process known as spiritual birthing. Do not give up. Hang on to the promise that the Lord has given to you in your secret place.

Personally, I have wanted to quit several times. The birthing process can be painful. Arrows are thrown at you, and your life is in a mess. I have had to come to a place of getting back into the intimacy of the Lord to find out what stage I was at.

Everyone goes through labor, and everyone’s labor pain may be different, but we all go through it.

If you have a firm conviction of what the Lord has placed in you, do not give up. Continue to labor until giving birth. This is a critical phase, as the enemy will try to have you abort your child.

If you have a desire to achieve greater things for the Lord, then continue your journey. If you have yet to birth anything, then become pregnant! Become pregnant with His Spirit His word and your desire. After your firstborn is safe, get pregnant again. There are no limits with God, and it is the Lord’s desire to pour everything into us.

Go ahead, become pregnant.

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  1. Fresh Wind Ministries, I truly thank God for you sharing this spiritual truth. GOD is so awesome. Over the weekend, I literally had a break down. I felt like giving up & very weary. When I got to church on Sunday my pastor spoke from the subject “Enduring.” He begins to explain how to endure the last phrase of your pregnacy (birithing God’s promises). Also, he talk about getting closer to God, enduring hardship, etc. Yet I still didn’t get the full understanding that day why I was feeling the way I was feeling (maybe I was a emotionally wreck that day to full digest any spiritual food lolol) but GOD & His unfalling love towards children would not leave me comfortless. The next day, I felt even heavier in spirit. I just couldn’t understand what in the world wrong with me? Then, one of my spiritual sister (mentor) call asking me to pray for her & I was like I need you too pray for me right now because I feel like a messs& how long will see the things God promise me & everyone keep prophecying to me how God is going to use me in a mighty way (my question was WHEN) & I feel stuck/lost & when will I enter a season of rest from all the drama & trama? My sister (mentor) replys back “you’re spiritual pregnant.” I was huh? Totally clueless (mind you I’m a 34yr. old who never had a baby before lolol). She explain briefing why I was feeling the way I was feeling but it still didn’t suffice me. So I begin to search for deeper revelation regarding this subject and here I am now on your website. This blog/post really help me to get a fully understanding what is actually going on with me now & encourage me to hold on a little bit longer & to P.U.SH. & to speak life & not death over my spiritual seed.

  2. I am currently going through this now

  3. Do you physically change while being spiritual pregant?

  4. Heather,
    When I came across the phrase of pregnancy, I too had to see where I was in my walk with the Lord.
    Blessings to you,

  5. I love the way you explain this process! I haven’t thought about this in a long time also. It makes me examine myself on how close I am with the Lord and how much closer I can be. Thank you for the motivation!

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